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Finding A Voice

Puppies may be cute but to me, I don’t think anyone is interested in hearing about my take on puppies. And if no one is interested in listening to me rant and rave about puppies, then why would I write about them? Blogging is about finding your voice, your passion, your substance and I guess we just hope and pray that we can find the voice to connect with like minded others. Everyone says, “just be yourself”, but what if that is not good enough? When you see the impact that some people have on the digital world, you don’t want to feel a fool and post something elementary or meaningless. I have still yet to find my voice. Tell me what to write about, and I’m good.


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Nature by numbers

An amazing video on mathematics in nature. The golden ratio.

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Is it really that easy?? I have been overwhelmed at the rate at which this technology thing is grown. There was a time when I actually thought that I knew a fair bit, but in reality, I am blown away. Just today I was surfing from blog to wiki to gadgets and widgets, Wetpaint to wikispaces and beyond. Thought that all I wanted to do was to finallly learn how to make a web page – but to what end? It seems that there is no such thing as a “normal” webpage anymore? Where did they go? And questions…..do I ask them all here? I had the luxury of a very kind colleague try today to put things into perspective for me and this blog entry is the result. Thanks Adrienne! I can’t wait to see how this is all going to work out! Where will I find the time?? Now I need to sit and work out what it is that I want o achieve for myself and for others.

I am filled with excitement and some trepidation….but we move forward!

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